Canary Tension (CT) Hanger

The Canary Tension (CT) Hanger is the latest addition to Canary, LLC’s lineup of modern wellhead safety products. Conventional methods of putting tubing in tension fail to maintain well control. The CT Hanger reduces this risk by operating directly through the blowout preventer. In addition, the hanger reduces rod cuts and results in less wear and tear on your tubing.


  • Puts tubing in tension while retaining well control
  • Lands and operates through the blowout preventer
  • Significantly improves safety of personnel
  • Offers increased protection of the environment


  • Designed to perform with a tension capacity of up to 150,000 pounds and up to 10,000 psi of pressure
  • Fits any standard 7″ TCM bowl but can be modified to be used with various bowl types
  • Well-suited to support flow or pump operations
  • Economical


  • Custom or time-sensitive orders available from our Oklahoma City-based manufacturing facility
  • Installation and maintenance services available through Canary

With the CT Hanger as part of Canary’s growing wellhead service line, Canary is better suited than ever to be the “go to” resource for all your oilfield services needs.

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