Pinless Uni-Head System

Canary, LLC’s Pinless Uni-head systems contain all the retainment components of a wellhead internally. This containment reduces potential pathways for leaks, improves personnel safety, and increases  protection of the environment. With the Pinless Uni-head system, there is neither the capability nor the need to adjust the locking mechanism from outside of the wellhead.


  • Decreases potential for leaks
  • Improves wellhead security because there are no pins to tamper with
  • Saves non-productive rig time, up to 24 hours
  • Reduces potential for human error
  • Improves overall safety of personnel
  • Protects the environment


  • Capable of handling pressures of up to 15M psi and temperatures of -20 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Customization available for temperatures reaching 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in 5M, 10M, and 15M pressure ratings, and sizes 11″ and 13″
  • Manufactured under API 6A standards


  • Custom or time-sensitive orders available from our Oklahoma City-based manufacturing facility
  • Installation and maintenance services available through Canary
  • Contingency plan available

Canary’s Oklahoma City-based engineering and manufacturing facility is readily available to provide  swift and comprehensive solutions.