Rapidlink Wellhead System

Canary, LLC’s proprietary RapidLink wellhead system, when used in conjunction with a multi-bowl wellhead, is a safer alternative to conventional wellheads. In addition to requiring fewer personnel to operate, the system reduces rig time by 12 hours or more, and eliminates several risks associated with traditional equipment.


  • Landing components and primary seal land from rig floor through the blowout preventer (BOP), saving an estimated 12+ hours of rig time
  • Tailored to be rig-specific, the landing joint controls cement head height from the rig floor
  • Sealing components are tested externally
  • Pack off is engaged with lock down pins while BOP is rigged down
  • A back pressure valve can be installed as a barrier in the mandrel if needed
  • Removes need to wait on cement


  • Available in sizes 11″ and 13″ with 3M, 5M, 10M, and 15M working pressures
  • As economical as conventional equipment
  • Allows BOP to rotate for optimal positioning
  • External testing capability of wellhead/BOP connection means a significant reduction of both time and expense, and can eliminate the need for multiple BOP tests
  • Provides optimal rotating of casing during the cementing phase
  • Contingency procedure and components are available should the casing not run to depth


  • Does not require hot work during the drilling phase
  • Eliminates (BOP) suspension
  • Requires fewer personnel to operate

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