Unleashing Energy Since 1948
Canary, LLC has grown right along with the energy industry and lived through the boom—and not so boom-times. We provide comprehensive oilfield drilling and production services for companies of all sizes throughout the United States. Our customers rely on our cutting-edge technology and hard-won experience to help them produce domestic energy efficiently—and profitably.

Our Values

For many years, Canary has worked to make a difference in our communities. As part of that commitment we actively reach out and build relationships with non-profit organizations.

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Work With Us

We are extremely optimistic about the future of Canary. Join our well-trained team to become part of an invigorating, positive environment that is creating a great American company.

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Recent Acquisitions

Frontier Energy Group, LLC – continues a tradition of acquiring smart and growing companies with excellent reputations for serving our customers. As we look toward the future of our company, we see real possibilities to expand in the areas of research, development and manufacturing for the oil & gas sector.