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Services and tools to maximize and extend production for the life of a well by offering mechanical perforating and reservoir services. Working alongside our customers to provide the highest levels of services. Canary provides cutting edge services and tools tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


Slickline and braided cable is used to remove sand, wax, scale, and other debris from the well bore. Experience crew can set and pull plugs, chokes, and gas lift valves without needing to shutting down the well. We provide accurate and timely data using pressure and temperature tools for reservoir and well surveys. Our high temperature (500 degrees F) mechanical gauges and instruments that can be hung on plugs, locks, pumps, etc.

  • Conventional Mechanical Slickline Services
  • Slickline hole punch / perforating
  • HD Cable Fishing and Swabbing
  • Plug and abandonment services
  • Memory Data and Downhole gauge services
  • Reservoir analysis and reporting
  • Downhole tool rental


Clear blockages by circulating heated fluid in piping, tubing, casing or tanks. High-pressure removes paraffin from well tubing and pipelines. Hot oil treatments to heat oil, water, or frac fluids for circulating and cleaning oil and gas processing equipment.


Ensure that defective materials are discovers for proper repair during and after installation. Our trucks with an onboard water storage up to 800 gallons eliminate the need and expense of water trucks.

  • Test pipe with sizes from 1 1/4″ to 3 1/2″.
  • Able to test pipe from workover rigs
  • Mechanical Integrated Tests with chart recording


High-pressure pump trucks are used to maintain well control. 140 barrel split-compartment storage on the truck. Pump chemical squeeze with H5 and H15 integrity tests for casing and tubing leaks and provides chart recordings. Established an injection rate below packer and circulates packer fluid in casing.