Frontier CEO Supports State-Level Fracking Regulations

Dan Eberhart Says Federal Involvement Adds Costly, Counterproductive Burden to Oil & Gas Production

Denver, CO, October 29, 2012 – As debates continue about federal regulations on hydraulic fracturing – better known as “fracking” – North Dakota & Colorado-focused Frontier Energy Group, LLC CEO resident Dan Eberhart recently wrote an editorial in support of state-level regulations.

The editorial, outlines Eberhart’s support for fracking regulations on a state level, rather than a federal level.

“Increased government regulations could also increase our dependence on foreign energy sources and cost state and federal governments billions of dollars in tax revenues,” Eberhart writes.  “Adding unnecessary federal regulations presupposes that the states do not care or are incapable of regulating their own fracking operations.  This assumption is simply untrue.”

Eberhart says he wrote the editorial because he wanted to address the commonly held assumption that opposition to federal regulation was the same as opposing all regulation.

“There’s a misconception out there that this comes down to a choice between federal regulation or no regulation at all,” Eberhart says.  “The common perception is that if you’re not in favor of the EPA, you must be advocating for a free-for-all, where oil & gas companies lay waste to the environment, with no regard for the long-term consequences.  This is just not the case.”

Eberhart points to Colorado – which passed its own extensive fracking regulations slated to go into effect in 2013 – as an example of effective state-level regulations.

“States are better equipped and more qualified to regulate fracking in their own backyards than a one-size-fits all solution,” Eberhart says.

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