Frontier Wellhead Makes Big Splash at Colorado Oil Conference

Denver, CO – This past May many employees from Frontier Energy Group, LLC. participated at the Frontier Wellhead booth during the Developing Unconventional Oil Conference. It was a incredible success!

The conference in Denver, CO looked at the latest in oil field technology, geology, geochemistry, and geophysics involved in the recovery of unconventional oil such as that found in the Bakken shale play.

“The conference was important to show that there are certain things that oil and gas companies need to keep in mind before increasing their production budget,” company CEO, Dan Eberhart, explained, “many of the challenges are unique challenges to the Williston Basin area.”

Dan gave a speech in front of over 900 industry leaders in attendance.

“Fraccing is the buzz word across the industry, but few service companies have the experience to deliver the wellhead or wireline services that we have.”

The success of the conference is due to the hard work of many staff members from across the company who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and/or attended the conference.